Central pa is the mid-east mecca for mountain biking
We are centrally located for prime riding on some of the fastest flowiest trails in the east, to 
some of the rockiest most technical riding available. 

Rothrock State forest- 20 miles from the shop

as the name would seem to imply rothrock is rocky technical riding at it's finest. long rock garden punctuated climbs followed by hair raising descents through mountain laurel patches and into rhododendron encrusted mountain streams these are perhaps the best trails central pa has to offer. Maintained by the friends of coopers gap and Nittany mountain bicycle assoc.
    -Unfortunately the park map is sort of useless for getting around as the scale is massive and it doesn't have many of the newer trails
  • Coopers Gap- 20+ miles of trail
  • Tussey- 15+ miles of trail
  • Shingletown- 10+ miles of trails
  • Trough creek- 10+ miles of trails

Raystown Lake- 12 miles from the shop
Raystown lake was formed in the early teens as a recreational project. however by the late 196o's the army corps of engineers was looking to develop it as a flood control project, and they did. fast forward 40 years and you have a huge undeveloped recreational area with outdoor activities to keep any enthusiast occupied. 

Huntingdon borough trails- 0.5 mile from shop

Huntingdon borough is a quaint central pa railroad town whose skyline is punctuated with more trees than church steeples. The town built along the banks of the juniata river, hosts 5 parks 14 miles of trail between them. The largest of which is in the center of the town peace chapel and flagpole hill. 
  • peace chapel/ flagpole trails: 10 miles of trail
  • state game land 322/ the cliffs: 5 miles of trail
Blue Knob- 35 miles from shop

Rocky and loose, this park is relatively easy to navigate and has 15+ miles of trails that are multi-use and open to them there mountain bicycles! Certainly worth checking out if you are in the area, but wouldn't prioritize it over raystown or rothrock- enjoy!

Area "Long" trails- 2.0+miles from shop