Bike Service and Repair 
We do just about everything for bikes you could reasonably want!

Repair and Maintenance

we will always provide an estimate and opinion on best case scenario and worst case scenario. As every bike and rider are certainly different, expectations are too. 
Want to learn about fixing your own bike? 
We also have service sessions available by appointment and periodically through the winter.

Racks, fenders, and other fun stuff!
We install and stock racks, fenders, computers
Rear rack install                                             $10-
Front rack install                                           $10-
Full coverage fenders                      $18-
Computer install                              $5-

We stock these brands:
Axiom - Cateye - Deuter - SRAM - Cane Creek - Shimano- & many more!

Repair Menu

Tune-ups and Overhauls

Bicycle Standard Tune-Up:   $60.00

There is nothing standard about a tune-up, but most of the time $50 in labor and $10 in parts gets bikes moving in the right direction. 

Bicycle Overhaul:                                
$100 + $45 parts 

Strip the bike down to the frame and repack, rebuild, and rework just about everything. 
*Does not include suspension overhaul*

General Maintenance

Basic Labor Rate is: $60/hr

Suspension Rebuilds:
We rebuild all major brands in house! 
With a 2-3 day turnaround if parts are in-stock

Fork:                                       $35 + seals and oil
Rear Shock:                $35+ seals and oil
Dropper Post:         $25+ parts allowance

Disc brake bleeds:
                Front or rear:              $12+ oil/DOT fluid 

Shifter overhauls: 
                Campagnolo:                                 $30 + $30 parts 

                 Shimano/SRAM:                                     $15 + parts

Frame Prep/Alignment:
Face and Chase:                                         $35-
Derailleur Hanger Align:            $10-
Headset press:                                             $10-

Wheel building:

Custom Bike builds: