Bike Service and Repair 
We handle every type of repair short of painting  and welding!
we will always provide a free estimate and an opinion on a best case scenario and  a worst case scenario.   Turnaround times  are based on current volume, but we will do our level best to accommodate your needs!

We will gladly work on your bike regardless of where you bought it or how much it cost!

Want to learn about fixing your own bike? 
Check out our "Shop-nites" that occur on Fridays during the winter.  Generally from 6-8 PM, however the  "Shop-nite" doesn't occur  every Friday. Check our Facebook or Instagram, or give us a ring to stay on top  of events at the shop!

Basic Labor Rate is: $60.00/hr
 Standard Bicycle Tune-Up:   $60.00*
Bicycle Overhaul:   $150.00*
Keep in mind, every bike, like every customer, is different. This is why we prefer to give you and in-person estimate rather than confining you to a service menu. Rest assured, our service is excellent, our rates fair and our  devotion to quality repair runs deep...we love bikes!

 Custom bike and wheel builds: