Custom bike  and wheel builds

Why build with 

We ride bikes  and we build them like we'd ride them. Not pricey, just functional for you. 

We want you to get out on a bike that is built around your needs and  satisfies your  wants. 

Full custom vs. custom 
Full Custom
We do not currently sell for custom frame builders, however we can put you in touch with a builder to suit your needs. Whether Ti, carbon, steel, road or mountain.  

Frame costs: $1800-3400 - Build costs: $3000+

Stock frame custom build kit:
               Currently we offer frames from:

Custom does not always mean expensive 

we have the smattering of brands that we do because we feel we can set almost anyone up comfortably on a bike they will want to continue to ride and do so for a long time without issue. whether your dream bike is a rock-crawling   fat bike, a gravel road killer, or just a bike for "getting around." 
a custom bike is not out of your budget! 

Start your build today!

Three for free

1- Free wheel builds! 
When you buy the spokes, hub, and rim we will build it up at no cost! 
                                    Savings: $35-55

2-Free custom bike builds!
When you buy the frame and parts through the shop we build it at no additional cost. 
                                   Savings: $100-300

3-Free facing and chasing! 
Buy a frame get it faced, chased, and  treated with JP  Weigles Frame-saver  for free!
                                      Savings: $30-60

    Wheel Building
Part art - part science
With over 15 years of wheel building experience and having built everything from 24 hole tubular carbon rims to fat bike rims, our builders are certain to please.  Your build  may even be free! 

Don't know exactly what you want? 
based on your riding style and rider profile we can help you best decide on:

spoke count - rim choice - spoke gauge - nipple options- hub choice