Kayak, Canoe, and Paddle-board repair
with seasonally low streams and rocky shorelines it is no wonder that boats in our area  get beat up! 
Repair Menu

All repair work is completed in house:   
  • holes and cracks                                              
  • bulkhead install and resealing
  • dry storage hatch sealing
  • new hatches or lockable hatches
  • new  flotation 
  • replacement deck rigging
  • seat pin removal
We only use the best to repair boats
  • Aquaseal 
  • 303 protectant 
  • G Flex and other West System's products
  • NRS Mini cell foam products
Outfitting Menu

We do all sort of outfitting
not sure what you want to do here are some ideas:

angler outfitting
we stock Scotty and Canon brand rod holders
  • flush mount rod holders*
  • fish finder mounts*
  • deck mount rod holders*
  • bulkhead upgrades 

kayak outfitting
  • upgrade or install seat backs and bands
  • deck rigging and eyelet installation
  • bulkhead installs and sealing
  • hatch installs
  • rudder or skeg installs

canoe outfitting
  • kevlar skid plates installation
  • new gunwales
  • flotation/ bags* 
  • saddle installs
  • tie down install 
  • d-rings* 
*free  installation  with boat purchase

paddle repair and work
  • ferrule installation
  • blade repair