It all started with an idea back in 1999 to get a livery and hiking shop started just down the street from Boxers cafe, in huntingdon, pa. 

    avid kayaker Tony Seguin, tireless outdoorsman joel yoder, and open boater paul houck opened the doors for the first time november 13th of 2000. The location proved to be ideal with both a large open basement for kayak and canoe storage as well as off street parking for trailers and shuttles. 

    located just off the tracks of the amtrak pennsylvanian line, The Penn street building ,built in the mid 1800's, was originally home to Steeles pharmacy with two additional floors housing fine apartments. During the early part of the 20th century the top floor burned off in a cold january fire. After some remodeling the building was again reopened under the Steeles name. by the middle of the 1900's the building and ownership had changed hands later becoming a hardware store, army navy store, doctors office, and most recently the huntingdon drop in center. 

Named after the large state forest local to the shop, rothrock outfitters was centrally located for those exploring rothrock state forest, raystown lake, and the juniata river watershed.  

during the early years at rothrock the owner operators largely dealt in kayaks canoes and some light backpacking apparel. catering to a largely local clientele. 

as the juniata river flows behind the shop it was only natural for the crew to gradually take on the role of safety and logistics for the juniata clean water partnerships annual river sojourn. 

by 2007 the army corps at raystown lake was looking to potentially work with the international mountain bicycling association to get a trail system built out at the lake. The plan was in the works to have 32 miles of trail complete in the next several years. 

as casual mountain bikers it was decided that mountain biking was a smart addition as well as necessity for the new trail system at the lake to be a success. in early 2008 several bike boxes arrived at the shop.  a juniata student at the time evan gross stepped on board by the summer. as a mechanic and shop manager from the greater philly area evan started getting the crew up to speed on all things bike.  

Tony seguin enjoying all trough creek has to offer

Paul Houck  making the most of his day off