Hours of Operation

about our hours
Shuttles/ rentals
we will certainly provide shuttle/ rental services before and after hours. however, additional fees may apply. depending just how early you want to wake the driver/ wrench.

Bike fittings 
Evan will accommodate to suit your schedule 

bankers hours? 
Our employees and owners are as committed to the business as the community in which it exists. if you need to come early just say so and we can do our best to accommodate. juggling meetings about waterways, trails, and beer orders can be a bear sometimes.  thanks! 

Wednesday nights 
most every Wednesday night a small contingent of local riders gathers to celebrate a week half over. as the epicenter for all things bike locally we feel we need to Represent! 
Downtown Huntingdon 

(Open YEar Round)

Monday-Thursday:    11-5pm


sunday:                        9-Noon

Seven Points  
lakeside Rental Center

(Open late may - early september)

Tuesday (Test Paddle):       11-6PM

Wednesday-Thursday:        12-6pm

Friday-Monday:                  10-6pm