General overview
The Juniata river sojourn is an annual paddling experience focused on the conservation and continued stewardship of The Juniata river water basin.  Each year a different section of the basin is featured. 

Upper Section 
Frankstown and Little Juniata Branches

Lower Section 
Main Stem of the Juniata- East of Huntingdon

Raystown section
Raystown Branch of the Juniata - south of Lake

This years Section is the Frankstown Branch

Changes to the Sojourn

    as many of you are aware the juniata clean water partnership had a major reduction in funding over the last few years, making hosting the sojourn a difficult endeavor. 

as a result the jCWP has asked rothrock outfitters to host and organize the sojourn in hopes of keeping the tradition alive. There will be several changes this year in hopes to reduce the cost of the sojourn and increase the accessibility of the trip- 


Is it guided? 
   yes there are several guides on each day.

Do I have to wear a PFD? 
    Yes you must wear your PFD

is it child friendly. How much for my kid?
    yes- $35/day

Can I bring a dog? 
    No. sorry just to much of a liability

Do we paddle if it is raining?
    yes. You'll get wet anyhow

If I paddle tandem is it cheaper?

Can we drink alcohol on the water? 
    no this is an ACA sanctioned event. have some restraint and wait til we get off the water

Is this a good trip for someones first time? 
    Maybe not first time ever on the water but it is a good group to get familiar with. This is a very casual crew. 

If I dont have a boat can I still go?
    Yes we rent boats for the event. please call to arrange so we can best serve you. 
How it works
Each morning everyone makes their own breakfast and enjoys each others company. we provide hot water, drinking water, and coffee.  at 8:30am the Drivers take individual cars to the next campsite, and take a return shuttle back to the start of that days trip.

Just before 10am we rally and start getting on the water.  There is a lead guide and a sweep guide with several aids in between. we will Paddle until around noon when we will stop as a group for  lunch and a bathroom break. 

After lunch we will continue paddling to the campground, where individual's vehicles and camping gear is waiting. 

dinner is served at 6pm with a light program/ entertainment each evening.


$60/ day and camping
$120/ 2 day and camping
$160 for the entire shabang (3.5 days)

Camping is certainly primitive with amenities listed below. You can car camp or tent that is up to you. 
Friday Night- no showers, just portable toilets
Saturday Night- No Showers, just portable toilets
Sunday night- No Showers (unless you rent a room)
Monday Night- Showers at Rothrock Outfitters

Meals have traditionally been a large portion of the cost for the sojourn. We will be providing hot water, drinking water, and coffee each morning. folks are on there own for breakfast and lunch. remember to fill up! 

Saturday Night- catered meal 
Vegan Options and gluten free options

Sunday night- catered meal
Vegan Options and gluten free options

Monday night-
 MEal Vouchers for
Original Itilian Pizza Huntingdon
Boxers Cafe Huntingdon

You will need to bring your preferred utensils and dishware. They will not be provided in an effort to minimize waste and maximize sustainability. 

On the Water:
Each day we paddle for a period (roughly half way) and find a nice spot to pull in stretch and have lunch. Each lunch spot is equipped with portable toilets for all your bathroom break needs. 

Mileage breaks down like this.

Saturday: 12.1 miles

Sunday: 11.5 miles

Monday: 10.5 miles w/ 1/2 Portage

Tuesday: 8 miles (freebie half day!)

There are several small technical sections but the river is relatively calm. Guides are available for assistance at all technical sections