Must have to Paddle:

-non motorized Boat 
-Paddle and 2nd spare paddle
-PFD or Lifejacket us coast guard approved Must be buckled and on each paddler
-24 oz of fresh water

Do Not Bring: 
-Dogs/ cats/ pet snakes
-Motorized boats

Food and Beverage:

-Breakfasts X Number of Days Camping
-Lunch X Number of Days paddling
-Water There is water available both on and off the water for drinking and washing.

might want to bring

-tent/ sleeping arrangement
-eating utensils and vessel
-cold weather paddling gear
-advil/ tylenol  
-biodegradable soap 
-toilet paper- for on the water
-snack food- high energy
-adult beverages
-portable chair
-flashlight/ headlamp
-Duct Tape/ gear tape
-ziploc bags