Rental Bikes
(all bikes include helmet and repair kit)

             Basic mountain bike               $35.00
front suspension 26 or 29 mountain bike

these are bikes that retail under

we have  basic fat-bikes as well
Premium/Specialty bikes    $55.00
see below for full list

                    Rail Trail Bikes                      

comfortable bikes for cruising around Seven Points green-side trail or the rail trail in Alexandria, the Lower trail.

Other stuff

Car rack- Saris Bones rack                         $20/day

all rentals are a flat 24hr rate
schedule now! 

DEMO Bike?

Buying a bike is  like buying a car.
test drive = car
test ride = bike

How it Works-
pay the rental fee and "demo" bike(s) up to three times  and take the rental fees off the top!    

Ride it where you intend to ride it
your roads  and trials or ours

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