The Guides:
our guides are not only crazy locals but also mechanics, trail builders, and advocates.

$20/ hr. - ride time only

our Service:
Guides are equipped with everything to keep you and your crew rolling.
 from 650b tubes and stans sealant to gauze pads and antiseptic. 

rothrock - raystown 
and everywhere in between

We provide guide services for groups wishing to make the most out of there next ride.  

We like to sit down before riding and just get a feel for expectations and where we should take you based on skill, fitness, length of time etc. 

email Evan to set-up your next trip!

Whether your next all day epic or just running short on time and want to make sure to hit the best trails in the right direction, our guys and gals will set you straight. 

night rides? 
We do that too-
lights available upon request

back roads - dual track - forestry roads
there is no out and backs

Even with a good gps the backroads of central pa can be difficult to navigate. Figuring out which roads are  2B gravel vs. hardpack isn't always the thing you want to find out 45 miles into your next ride. 

We can accommodate your groups desire to do a casual 20 mile farm tour or your next mountainous century. 

We can provide as much or as little as needed such as catered lunches or multiple days. 

We Do overnighters to check out: 
weekend getaways