Fat Bike Stuff
We love all things fat
Heres a few we really like and Stock! 

45nrth Wolvhammer Boots
MSRP:$324- Call for best price
Sizes 42-49
This spd compatible winter riding boot is not just another summer cycling shoe with an attached cover. This is 100% cold weather riding. so much so that over 30-degrees is uncomfortable.  We stock'm because there is nothing close in terms of warmth-  Stop in to try them on with a thick wool sock so you get the right fit! 

45nrth Fasterkatt Boot
MSRP: $234- Call for best price
Sizes 42-48 

do you commute when it is 25-45 degrees out? Do you ride when things aren't always nice and mud is a given?These shoes are much more cycling shoe than boot but aren't nearly as warm either.  The magic is in the Aero-gel insole and with a vibram sole designed to walk on ice, these are a commuters new best friend.

45Nrth Cobrafist
MSRP: $125-
Sizes: One size Color: Black
If you think fat bikes are a fad stop reading this. If you think riding across frozen lakes, snowmobile trails, and up ice crusted streams sounds like fun you probably already know what a pogie is. 45nrth is certainly not the first to produce such a device, however the vastly improved upon what was previously available. These suckers have primaloft insulation, internally adjustable vents, windproof front, and an internal skeleton to make for easy entry!

Don't believe the hype try a set today! 
No Joke we've got demo pogies!

Surly chainsaw sock
MSRP: $28-
Sizes: s-m-l-xl in stock

A super warm rather tall merino blended wool sock. If you have trouble keeping your feet warm and sweat free this is the sock for you. Tall enough to scare children, warm enough to make penguins jealous.
Don't like chainsaws?  to bad! 

Stanley SS Flask
Colors: Black and green

Nothing has been tested more often or with more success than the virtue of brown liquid during a icey winter ride, except for the container itself. These beauties are the same construction as your grandma's without the faint smell of cigarettes.  In stock and ready to go-

Lazer Dissent Helmet
MSRP: $144- 
Sizes: s/m - m/L Colors: Black and dayglo

Riding with a hat on or even thin beanie is about as comfortable as wearing steel wool on your noggin. After a bit your head feels like you just showered and there is now no way to vent. Well the fine folks at lazer found this to be the case as well. The dissent is a cold weather riding helmet: adjustable vents, goggle strap, toasty warm removable ear vents, glove friendly magic buckle and numerous other simple yet effective improvements. 

King Oliver Cage
MSRP: $32- 
Sizes: 8oz

The Stanley flask works well. The stanley flask with the Oliver cage works F*in perfect, almost like King made the cage to fit the stanely. They did. Each cage is made of 100% stainless steel crafted in orgeon, we have a limited # of these on hand so get'm while you can! 

Fits the stanley SS or Classic flask PErfectly! All others may want to try before you buy! 

Surly - vee rubber-45nrth
Call for Stock updates
MSRP: $80-225*

We stock only tires we have personally rode

Surly's gang is all here Nate, Bud,Fat larry, and even Lou. 
45nrth Husker du's and studded Dillingers* 
Vee Rubber # 8- 
Wanna talk rubba'? We can certainly steer you in the right direction. Get it? Steer-