There is great paddling in PA. 
Central PA has an abundance of  flat water  and rivers punctuated with up to class three  whitewater.

From flat water touring to whitewater

Raystown Lake
Designation: flat water 
Shuttles:   no need we have a location at Seven Points

 With over 115 miles of nearly undeveloped coastline this lake is a must for anyone into touring. Numerous no wake coves. Large boats during the heat of the summer and early fall make it a busy place in season. 

Best time to paddle it: late fall through mid April 


Maps/guides: Purple Lizard Raystown  

Main-stem   of the Juniata
Designation:  flat water - calm river
Shuttles:  yes- check the chart

  Running over 95 miles from Tyrone to Duncannon. the Juniata connects Central PA to Harrisburg via the Susquehanna river. The shallow rocky river bed makes for great fishing but can be seasonally boney.

Best time to paddle it:   year round-  low from June 20th- September 20th

Gauge explained:  

Maps/guides:  PA  Upper and Lower  water-trails   Juniata map, Keystone canoeing

Frankstown Branch of the Juniata
Designation:  moving water - unclassified
Shuttles:   yes- check the chart

 The super scenic  Frankstown Branch runs from just above Canoe Creek state park to  north of the town of Huntingdon. The confluence of the Frankstown and the Little Juniata form the headwaters of the main-stem   of the Juniata river. The heavily wooded banks are part of Rothrock state forest and several game lands. 

Best time to paddle it:    seasonally  low from June 20th- September 20th

Gauge explained:  

                         Maps/ guides:  PA  water-trails   upper Juniata map, Keystone canoeing 

Little Juniata River
Designation: no class -> class 2
Shuttles: yes- check the chart

Description:  Locally dubbed "the little J," this scenic stretch of river is a great introductory into light whitewater. With several play holes forming between Irish flats and the Quarry above Spruce Creek at decent flow. At high flow the river creeps from the banks and begins to pull in all sorts of logs and other debris. Great fun for the moderately experienced paddler. Can be challenging for folks on there first time with several cross cuts and small ledges requiring the ability to read the water

Best time to paddle it:   October-January    late March- first week in June

Gauge explained:  

Maps/ guides:   PA water-trails  Upper  Juniata  map, Keystone canoeing 

Great Trough Creek
Designation:  class 2-3
Shuttles:   if requested

Description:  Trough creek is about as much fun as we have on the water in Huntingdon county. With some fun little pour overs, several cross cuts, and a number of large under cuts, this is a stream that needs to be paddled with caution. It comes up about as fast as it rains and drains just as quickly. You'll have to be a gauge hawk to hit this one right. 

Best time to paddle it:  October-January    Mid February-April

Gauge explained:  400 CFS is absolute minimum, 700 is good, 1200, is great, 2000+ hairy.

Maps/ guides:  Trough Creek park  map ,  Keystone canoeing