Rothrock Outfitters

Ride. Paddle. Repeat.

Rothrock Outfitters was established in 2000 by a group of three friends wanting to get better access to paddling gear. That quickly snowballed into environmental stewardship and river advocacy. In 2008, bikes were brought into the picture! The shop was key to getting Allegrippis Trails started and managing the upkeep of trails. Our shop was involved with DirtFest from the beginning to the end. Harry and Emil took over the shop in 2023. Their plan is to keep the core of the business the same, always operating in a community oriented manner. Your local advocates for safer bike routes, cleaner rivers, and more people outside!

Harry Biddle- Co-Owner

Born and raised in Huntingdon. His love for the area is only matched by his love of water and two wheeled riding machines.

Emil Eklund- Co-Owner

Growing up, Emil spent more time outside than inside. That shows.

Lobster- The Mechanic

Our most valuable crustacean. Bicycle wiZ. Lover of snips.

Brownie- Shop Manager

Part dog. Part horse. Always friendly. Professional at being in your way.

Prismo- Sir Wagsalot
Mixed with part weirdo and part cat, Prismo is an unique character. There will never be enough attention.
Peaches- Sniffer in Charge

100% pure bred mutt. Will plop down on her belly aggressively begging for belly rubs. Must have belly rubs.

Roy- The Shop Boy
Hard working park rat that keeps his bosses in line.